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What the F stands for…

But first, some backstory.

In the summer of 2018, my brother-in-law Christian and I skated every Sunday night. We called it “skate-ur-day” (yes, I know this would have made more sense on Saturdays, but Sundays fit our schedule better). 

During these nighttime sessions, we had great conversations about life, purpose and faith. These are very special times to me. Anyone who skates can relate to the experience of having good conversations while cruising with a friend.

We wanted a name to categorize ourselves and our skate friends. Different names were thrown around, but when “Vitamin F” came up, we instantly loved it .

There’s something curious about the name. It’s like an inside joke (and aren’t inside jokes the best?). 

So, whenever we told someone the name, they would respond, “What’s the F stand for?”

To which we replied, “You know what the F stands for.”

Skaturday at Carolina Beach skatepark in NC
Skaturday at Carolina Beach skatepark in NC

Then, we’d maintain eye contact and wait for their reaction. 

Sometimes, they would give us a twisted look indicating they thought it represented a curse word.

Other times, they’d just laugh because the response caught them off-guard. 

But every time, we’d have a good time laugh with the person and made a bond in that moment. 

So…back to the original question. 

“What does the F stand for?”

The F stands for whatever it means to you in the moment. 






It’s really not about what the F stands for, it’s about what you make it. 

Now that you’re in on the secret, have some fun with it. The next time someone asks you about the name, simply respond “you know what the f stands for” and wait for their reaction. Then tell them, and invite them in. Make a connection in that moment and a memory for life. 

Vitamin F

You know what the F stands for.